Utilizing the Web's Latest Technology

Our services are supported by the most effective and current technology. This ensures cutting-edge performance that is unmatched in the industry.

All of our servers run Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu), which has been selected for its renowned qualities of reliability, compatibility, flexibility and security. For further protection of your valuable files, all data is backed up nightly to both on-site and off-site locations.

Apache / Nginx

Digital Cheetah’s solutions run on both, the most widely deployed web server, Apache, and the fastest web server, Ngnix. This results in greater overall compatibility and enhanced speed.


Digital Cheetah databases run on MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database. Because of MySQL’s security, scalability and speed, it has been chosen to power some of the world’s largest websites, including; Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Adobe, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and many others.


Our underlying technology has been developed over a period of 10 years. In addition, we are an agile development company. This allows our clients to provide input in our software’s continuing evolution. The result is our technology’s fast deployment of customizable and dynamic solutions that will quickly adapt to your needs, as opposed to the other way around.

Open Source

Digital Cheetah provides tightly integrated solutions built on some of the most widely adopted (and constantly evolving) open source technology that attracts an extensive spectrum of brilliant developers. Embracing the LAMP stack, Digital Cheetah uses a combination of leading-edge technologies including; Django, Drupal, WordPress, MediaWiki and many others.

Objective-C and Java

Native mobile applications produce fast, efficient and elegant solutions that shine in the crowded app stores. Objective-C is used for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad development, while Java is utilized for Android development. This way, newly-released mobile app designs function, as if they were part of a device’s original software package.


Digital Cheetah’s solutions are built upon one of the most advanced cloud infrastructure platforms available, with features such as; auto-provisioning, remote management and service monitoring, firewall and application intrusion detection, application and database versioning, automated backup, restore capabilities and much more. With the ability to migrate seamlessly between all major cloud platforms, including; private clouds, the Rackspace Cloud, the Amazon Cloud and many others, our solutions employ some of the most fault-tolerant and disaster-tolerant systems available and will not limit your solution usability based on disqualifying minimum physical requirements.


All Digital Cheetah websites utilize a server certificate, issued by a world-recognized Certificate Authority, and use 256-bit encryption. This level of encryption is the same level employed by international banks and by the U.S. government/military. All communication between the database and application servers is conducted through a secure connection that is not open to the Internet.

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