The vote results are in!

We have combed through the results and tallied what you would like to see in upcoming releases of the Digital Cheetah products! There are a lot of great features that were suggested and voted on, and while the below doesn’t make up the full feature list, read on for the top things voted for that you can expect to see in future. Thank you for the tremendous response!

Donor/Fundraiser Management

  • Easy way to pull a list of donors who gave last year, but not yet this year
  • Copy tickets in Fundraisers

Form Builder 2.0

  • Ability to copy a form questions
  • When adding options for a drop-down, ability to paste in a comma delimited list of options


  • Ability to search by placement in the admin area search
  • Ability to “red flag” a member profile record so when an administrator opens the record, the flag will be visible at the top of the page
  • Ability to add a member to an access group directly from the administrative member profile


  • Ability to display a color legend at the top of the calendar
  • Show event time on the view all calendar
  • Allow sign up start at specific date/time
  • One-click to add calendar events
  • Batch payments for paid registration events


  • Show obligations/requirements in mobile app
  • Remove withdrawn members from GroupShare groups
  • Access groups from placement groups
  • SMS (paid feature: contact us)

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