Our solutions are uniquely designed to be highly configurable and scalable to address each of our clients’ needs

Volunteer and Member Management

Digital Cheetah’s award-winning Volunteer/Member Empowerment solutions have been trusted, year after year, to manage millions of members, in thousands of chapters, across 200 countries.

The results of our knowledge, experience and expertise have allowed us to offer a phenomenal, comprehensive software solution that is designed to manage a volunteer’s entire membership life cycle. From the very moment a potential volunteer engages with your organization, Digital Cheetah’s management system will become an integral part of their volunteer experience.

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GroupShare Collaboration

GroupShare is our scalable collaboration engine, built specifically for volunteer organizational requirements. With our solution, the members in a group will be able share files, discussions, photos, to-do lists, notes, announcements, calendars and more.

In addition, Digital Cheetah’s GroupShare technology takes this a step further, through the creation and maintenance of communities of practice within your organization. This way a member within a group will experience the advantages of truly being connected to the entire volunteer population, thus enabling the boundless talent within your organization to work as a single cohesive unit.

API and Integrations

Digital Cheetah’s total management solution is characterized by its ability to seamlessly integrate all of our individual partner solutions. Therefore, rather than having a number of separate solutions, each requiring individual access to its tools, you will now have a single, multi-faceted management solution that exhibits true scalability.

Your organization will also benefit from off-the-shelf connectors to over a dozen best-in-class solution providers. When considering Digital Cheetah’s rapidly-growing App Marketplace, you will understand how your new solution can be far more powerful than any standalone management tool suite could ever hope to be.

Mobile Apps

When it comes to connectivity, it can truly be said that the world is rapidly “going mobile”. With Digital Cheetah’s free, revolutionary iPhone and Android applications and award-winning mobile applications, our mobile workplace flexibility is unparalleled within the industry.

Besides being able to receive notices, volunteers will have mobile access to a customized and personalized home page with real-time news/alerts, work-hours reporting functions, access to rich content, the ability to easily register for shifts, and all of the key functions needed to quickly and easily accomplish their volunteer/member activities.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

The Digital Cheetah’s fully-integrated reporting engine is an enterprise-class solution for all of your reports and analytic needs. By accurately and efficiently accomplishing these tasks, it will ensure a positive direct impact on your organization’s effectiveness, by determining how and when you should make strategy and resource allocation adjustments.

In addition, report presentations can include charts with eye-popping visuals and colorfully defined graphs, that can be automatically distributed via the “reports scheduling” function.


Our integrated taxonomy management system allows for the classification of positions and other relevant data. When managing multi-unit organizations, our solution approach includes the creation of cross-functional groups that will enable organization-wide communities of practice. This way, more concepts and ideas can be shared, which will serve to increase your organization’s cohesiveness and effectiveness.

Professional Services

Strategy Consultation – With our experience and expertise, we will indicate to you just how effectively your new system is being deployed.

Implementation and Deployment – We will guide you through the implementation process, addressing your unique technical challenges and configuring the solution to the precise needs of your organization.

Migration From Your Existing Configuration – We take particular care when assisting our clients to experience a smooth transition that addresses the preservation of your original data content and painless end user adaptation.

Training – We will provide your staff and administrative users with comprehensive training sessions for all processes and procedures for your new solution.

Other Products and Services

Digital Cheetah can implement your public facing website design for you, or you can use our volunteer management software in conjunction with your existing public site. Our SAAS services allow you to manage content, fundraising, donations, e-commerce transactions, integrate your social media, and 360 management of your volunteer, member, donor, contacts and fundraiser data using our out-of-the-box technology or through seamless integration with third-party solutions.

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