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“Our Reputation is Built Around Support!”

Digital Cheetah is trusted by the world’s largest non-profit and volunteer organizations.

With over 12,000,000 people using Digital Cheetah’s software, worldwide, our non-profit management professionals have demonstrated, time and again, that world-class support can make all the difference. This is the reason that major non-profit organizations, such as the American Red Cross, trust us to offer our assistance, whenever it’s needed.

At Digital Cheetah, we value our reputation highly and, as such, client support is the undercurrent for everything that we do. This is a primary reason why we have been able to expand so quickly throughout the world’s volunteer management software market. If you need our assistance, we offer several different contact options, for your convenience:

Give us a call

Our toll-free phone number provides a direct lifeline to assistance from our experienced technical staff. Whether it’s a high priority situation, or just a simple point of clarification, our staff members will make sure that your issue is addressed in the most courteous and expedient way possible!

Submit a support form/ticket

By filling out our Support Form, you will immediately engage our support system, which will instantly try to find your answer in our support database. If your answer is not immediately found, then your question will be subsequently forwarded to our “support team”. And make no mistake, every member of our staff (including the President of Digital Cheetah), is considered a “support team associate”. We will handle your response with the level of urgency that you have indicated (or even sooner).

Send us an Email

For issues requiring less urgency, the most convenient way to contact us is by sending an email. You won’t be waiting on an answer from one designated support team member, either, since your issue will be logged into our main support system.


Digital Cheetah will also provide convenient, comprehensive and easy-to-understand training that will be designed around your specific needs, schedule and venue preferences. These different support venues include:

Instructional Videos

By utilizing our support videos, you will have the ability to schedule your own training and review it as often as you would like. Our instructional videos can also be used as refresher courses for established members and training material for new staff members.

Online Training
It’s easy to set up training sessions with us, via the Internet, where we can  simultaneously be looking at the same screen and working through a training session, geared specifically to your needs.

On-site Training

If you’d like some extra help to get started, or if your organization will employ an additional number of administrators, we will come to your location, in order to deliver hands-on training, sculpted to match your specific needs.

Staff Turnover Training

Should you experience an employee turnover. in which there is someone new in a key position, we offer one hour of free training to assist the new hire in the transition of responsibility.

Complete Program Design

Is your organization just beginning to engage volunteers or are you expanding your volunteer program in a significant way? Could you use a hand in designing the strategies and processes involved in your successful volunteer engagement?

“We’re Here to Help!”

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